Make your sign stand out from the rest

In the Sign-making Industry, we cut aluminium, plastic, timber products, solid surface materials, composite panels, vinyl and much more. Jobs may vary from complex 3D engraving to straight 2D cutout lettering or graphics. Because it’s cut by computer, CNC routing is highly precise, allowing for the creation of highly complex shapes and designs. Our CNC routing machine handles them all with minimal turn-around time and minimal setup effort.

J & J Signs own a state of the art CNC Router. This ensures that we can provide a great price and service to all our customers as we don’t have to outsource jobs requiring a CNC Router. We also have a faster turn-around time as we can use this machine for jobs we may have once done by hand.

Your sign can be any shape, as the computer-controlled router cuts out your custom design, with added options like polished edges on acrylic as well as beveled or rolled over edges on most materials. CNC routing is ideal for anything from corporate logos to re-usable spray stencils.

CNC Routers can cut many different signage materials

These include:

  • Aluminium Composite
  • MDF
  • Timber
  • Acrylic
  • Foam PVC
  • Aluminium
  • Brass
  • Stainless Steel

Custom CNC Work

Our CNC Routers allows us to easily deal with high production jobs in high quality and also take care of any custom work. We offer our CNC Routing services at a reasonable and affordable price that our customers can afford, plus a guarantee for the work done. The high speed and performance of our CNC Routing service allow our clients to save time and money. We take the time to understand your project and your requirements, we offer suggestions about the design and layout of the CNC work.

In addition to our cutting services, we also offer V Router Aluminium Composite Panel, allowing it to be bent into many different shapes. If you supply the files in .eps, or .pdf formats we will easily be able to cut your job with ease.

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