J & J Signs have the resources to supply and install a diverse range of pylon signs.

Pylon signs also referred to as pole signs, are often chosen for their durability and height. Able to withstand the elements while standing tall, pylon signs are perfect for advertising to all passersby.

Noticeable from a great distance, Pylon signs are great for helping customers locate your premises and promoting brand awareness. Pylon signs have no limit to the different types of fabrication and colors used, they consist of free-standing poles, or poles supporting sign components such as lightboxes or non-illuminated panels.

Custom Pylon Signs can help direct traffic to your business location and communicate the message of a single business or multi-tenant complex. Pylon signs are very popular when it comes to identifying South Australian shopping centres and industrial complexes, car dealerships, petrol stations, restaurants, hotels, and retail locations. They can also be used as directional signage to efficiently direct traffic flow and inform your customers.

Types of Pylon Signs

Single-Pole Mount Pylon Signs

The classic single pole mount pylon signage is both economical and monumental. It helps businesses make a grand statement. These signs are the perfect choice in elevating the identity of your brand and business over obstructions.

Twin-Pole Mount Pylon Signs

The double pole structures provider greater rigidity and stability for larger signage applications. The symmetrical design of twin poles instead of one is more preferred by some marketers.

Covered Pole Pylon Signs

More ways to go creative with a covered pole pylon signage. Custom pole covers can be designed and built to almost any shape and size to give pylon signage a unique look and improve the visual appeal.

Covered Pole Pylon Signs

Internally illuminated lightbox pylon signage offer high visibility even at night. These pylon signs can be customised to feature single or multiple lightboxes. A good example of pylon signage featuring multiple lightbox signs is pylon signs at the shopping centre. These signs usually feature the logos of retailer brands that are located within the shopping centre.

Working closely with our clients we can customise our products to deliver a solution that suits your needs and budget and will take your ideas from concept through to manufacturing and installation.

Pylon signs can be illuminated or non-illuminated with many design options available. We can also cost-effectively refurbish your existing sign by using the existing structure & re-cladding with the latest composite materials.

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